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Joshua Bradley, better known as Zerkaa and his stage name Josh Zerker, is an English YouTuber, streamer and Internet personality. He is also a co-founder and member of the British YouTube group known as the Sidemen. Buy Zerkaa Merch Here

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Joshua Charlie Joseph “Zerkaa” Bradley is one of the most popular content creators in the United Kingdom. He is a founding member of the English-based group, Sidemen, and was with them during their conception in October 2013.

He has been dating his girlfriend Freya Nightingale for over 10 years and is currently living with her in London, England. The content creator is said to be the oldest member of the Sidemen, with the second-oldest being only a few days younger than him.

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On what platform does Zerkaa stream?

Zerkaa currently only streams through his Twitch account. He is a Twitch partner, but it is unknown whether he is currently on an exclusive contract with them. Updates regarding his Twitch stream schedule can be found on his Twitter, which he regularly updates.

Zerkaa only streams for around two to four days a week and four to six hours per stream. Those who are unable to catch him live (as he does not stream very often) can check out his YouTube channel, ZerkaaPlays, which is where he uploads the majority of his edited clips and highlights taken from Twitch live-stream VODs.

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