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Josh registered his second YouTube channel on August 25, 2012, under the name ZerkaaPlays. This channel is solely dedicated to Josh trying out and playing new games. As of August 2022, this channel has over 2.77 million subscribers and a whopping 1,013,126,493 views. His first video on the channel was uploaded on November 2, 2012, and it was titled, San Andreas | E012 – About This Channel. The video earned over 32K views.

Josh earned a massive fan following on the ZerkaaPlays YouTube channel thanks to his GTA V RolePlay content where he plays as Tommy Tate, Noah Scape, and Josh Zerker.

Josh has a third YouTube channel called ZerkaaClips which he registered on February 10, 2020. The channel as the name suggests features highlights and best moments from Josh’s Twitch streams. As of August 2022, this channel has over 479K subscribers and 88,269,330 views.

Zerkaa Merch

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As of August 2022, Net Worth Spot estimates that the Zerkaa YouTube channel is worth $236,220. His estimated net worth, according to some reports, might be $330,700. The Zerkaa YouTube channel has around 32,810 views per day. For every thousand video views, YouTubers can make $3 to $7 on average. Joshua earns an estimated $3,940 monthly and $59,050 annually, according to Net Worth Spot. These are modest predictions, though, and it’s very possible that the channel will bring in more than $106,300 from just advertising.

SocialBlade suggests the Zerkaa YouTube channel earns anywhere between $426-$6,800 per month and anywhere between $5,100-$81,800 per year.

Other YouTube analytic sources suggest Zerkaa earns anywhere between $162,000 to $223,200 in a single year.