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Zerkaa’s YouTube career

The YouTuber’s main channel was created all the way back on December 6, 2009 and over the years, his channel has grown in size, to over 4.54 million subscribers in total. For 1.6k videos, Zerkaa possesses around 687 million video views in total. The channel, simply titled Zerkaa, contains a variety of content including original videos and vlogs not taken from his Twitch VODs.

Zerkaa has another YouTube account titled ZerkaaPlays that he also regularly updates. It currently has 2.68 million subscribers and almost 1 billion views in total. It was created a few years after his main channel, on August 25, 2012. The channel performs better than his main channel and has many videos of clips and highlights taken from his Twitch account.

Zerkaa Merch

Other Sponsorship deals

In the past, Zerkaa has been sponsored by Displate, Belong Gaming Arenas, Call of Duty UK, Google Stadia, PGA Tour 2k, PES Lite, KFC Gaming, FE Voltage, Hyper Scape Gaming, and many more. His connection as a member of Sidemen helps significantly, as the group of content creators is quite popular and score brand deals with big names

Despite his irregular streaming schedule, Zerkaa has managed to rack up a large number of subscribers. Every month, he makes around $13.5k to $18.6k which comes out to be around $162k to $223.2k in a single year.


While Zerkaa’s exact expenses are unknown, a lot of the challenges and video content that he releases on his main YouTube channel centers around spending a lot of money to give away as prize money or to stock on a large number of items.

He has carried out a “relationship test” with his girlfriend Freya Nightingale where he wagered $10k and has released a video where he spent $20k on Pokemon cards – these are just a few of the many video ideas that he has carried out involving him spending thousands of dollars. The content creator is seemingly quite wealthy.

Zerkaa Merch