Zerkaa and TBJZL open up about Sidemen's future despite parenthood and marriages

Zerkaa and TBJZL open up about Sidemen’s future despite parenthood and marriages

Sidemen members Josh “Zerkaa” and Tobi “TBJZL” were recently interviewed by UK news outlet Metro. The duo briefly talked about the group’s future plans with regard to some of the members becoming parents or getting engaged.

Over the past year or so, one of the members, Ethan “Behzinga,” has become a father. Two other members, Vik “Vikkstar123” and Simon “Miniminter,” are also engaged to their partners. These events naturally prevented these members from filming as consistently as they would previously.

Speaking about the possibility of such events jeopardizing the group’s future, Zerkaa said that those would not hamper Sidemen’s plans as they have proven that the group can make successful videos, even with some of their core members missing.

Zerkaa, who is notable for his GTA RP streams on Twitch, took to a video conference interview with Metro to speak about the group’s plans going forward. Discharging ideas of the group being disbanded, he asserted:

“This year we’ve kinda proven that, in our own ways too. Prior to 2022, I don’t think there were many Sidemen Sundays but one person was missing or any videos where one person was missing from.”

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